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Los Zazoo: Good night, sleep tight! – ¡Buenas noches!

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Bedtime! The Zazoo brush their teeth, read a book and hug each other before going to sleep… But when they are all tucked in bed, Krok, the little crocodile, is not sleepy any more!

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Judith Masini - Illustrator

Judith grew up in Lorraine, in Eastern France. When she was little, she loved making fresh raviolis with her brother, raspberry charlottes with her mom and strange tasting risotto with her dad. She likes to test new recipes on her husband. And when the result is bad, he makes crepes to save dinner. Judith's favorite American food is chocolate chip cookies and her favorite French dessert is rhubarb pie.

Binding: Wire-o bind with red wire
Cover: Glossy Paper
Pages: 32
Book Type: Paperback

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