The Zazoo are mischievious little animals that have linguistic powers: they are all bilingual! The books tell their daily lives and the Zazoo speak and respond to each other, switching from one language to the other.

Your children will easily relate to the Zazoo with whom they share the same daily adventures and the current or future ability to speak two languages. They will soon choose their favorite Zazoo:

Meet The Zazoo!

  • KIDO is a reckless little tiger. He is the oldest of the Zazoo. He is also fierce and courageous.
  • FLUFFY is a cheeky little fox. She is very cunning and nosy.
  • TOUDOU is an adorable kitten. He is rather shy and is scared easily.
  • ZOZO is the know-it-all rabbit of the bunch. He is smart but he is a real chatterbox.
  • ZAZA is Zozo's twin sister. She likes to tease her brother. She always takes care of Krok alongside with Toudou.
  • KROK is the youngest and clumsy one. He always wants to do everything on his own. He doesn't like to be told that he is a baby. He carries his favorite cuddly toy, called Minikrok, everywhere he goes.

The Zazoo make it easier to create an affective link between your children and their second language. That will contribute to the success of the learning process.